Refinish on a Martin top.
::Repair Services ::
    I  do repair work on any type of guitar, electric or acoustic.  I am willing to tackle any job,
    major or minor,  I am pleased to have been  a  Martin warranty tech for many years.  I
    also work on most other stringed instruments including violin family instruments.  Below
    is a list of labor costs for repairs.  These prices might not cover the cost of parts and

          Authorized C.F.Martin Service Center.
    Cost of repairs:                         Call for FREE estimate.

    Acoustic Guitars

    Setup                                       Basic                                  35.00
    Setup                                       Deluxe                                 60.00
    Bone nut                                  6-String                                45.00
    Bone nut                                  12-String                              75.00
    Bone saddle                             Simple                                 45.00
    Bone saddle                             Compensated                       90.00
    Correct intonation                     Bone saddle                        150.00
    Convert to left-handed              Bone nut & saddle                120.00
    Lower bridge                                                                        75.00
    Reglue bridge                           In place                                30.00
    Reglue bridge                           Remove                                60.00
    Replace bridge plate                                                           125.00+
    Reglue loose brace                                                               45.00
    Reglue crack                            Per inch/with touchup             15.00
    Reglue crack                            Per inch/with spline                20.00
    Reglue pickguard                                                                  35.00
    Neck reset                                                                          350.00+
    Install tuners                             Simple replacement               45.00
    Install tuners                             Different style                       60.00
    Repair broken peghead                                                         90.00+
    Drill for endpin jack                                                               30.00
    Install under-saddle pickup                                                    60.00+

    Fretwork - Both acoustic and electric

    Re-fret                                     Unbound                              240.00
    Re-fret                                     Bound                                  260.00
    Re-fret                                     Maple neck                          360.00
    Fret dressing                                                                        90.00
    Loose fret ends                         Per fret                                  5.00

    Electric Guitars

    Setup                                        Basic                                    35.00
    Setup                                        Fender style (bolt-on neck)    45.00
    Setup                                        Floating tremolo                    65.00
    Bone nut                                    6-string                                45.00

    Electronics Repair - Parts not included

    Bench fee (troubleshooting)        May be included in repairs     25.00
    Replace jack                                                                         20.00
    Replace switch                                                                      20.00
    Install pickup                                                                         30.00+
    Replace pot                                                                          30.00


    Solid-body electric refinish                                                    360.00+
    Acoustic refinish                                                                   650.00
    Acoustic top refinish                                                             225.00
    Neck refinish                                                                        180.00
    Touch up dings and scratches                                   call for estimate
    French polish                                                           call for estimate
Martin top; before and after new bridge plate
Steaming off the neck
A new truss rod
Heating a bowed neck
Major restoration
New peghead
      Fender   Refinish  
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 Other than bone nuts and saddles these
prices might not cover parts and materials.  
Strings not included,
owner provided.
Strings not included,
owner provided.